Again, pharma/biopharma was a hot topic at the 42nd ISCC in Riva del Garda. Using data elaborated by Christof Regl and Therese Wohlschlager, Christian Doppler Laboratory Head Christian Huber presented a critical check on the capabilities of chromatography and mass spectrometry with respect to revealing oxidation in biopharmaceuticals. Details will follow soon in a short article to be published in the LCGC Biopharmacuetical Perspectives Column.

180523 iscc

Therese Wohlschlager's findings on the plurality of protein isoforms of Etanercept triggered Neil Kelleher's (Northwestern University) interest and resulted in an invitation to contribute to a large collaborative perspective article in Nature Chemical Biology dealing with the essential question "how many proteoforms are there?"
Nature Chemical Biology volume 14, pages 206–214 (2018)

P.I.s, PostDocs and PhD students of the bioanalytical labs of Salzburg, Kiel, and Strasbourg met for the first time in Strasbourg to discus and exchange methods of protein analytis and characterization mostly in the biopharma area.

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Our host, Sarah Cianferani, with our guest star, Alain Beck, in the back, who kindly joined the meeting via video conference, giving a very interesting overview about curent status of biopharmaceutical developemnt and analytical challenges involved. The group decided to hold the next meeting in March 2018 in Salzurg.

180309 sks meeting 2

Good ideas best grow on the basis of a nice and communicative dinner! Strasbourg is a great place to get inspired!

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Congratulations to Therese Wohlschager, who won a Poster Prize for her work "Native mass spectrometry for the revelation of highly complex glycosylation patterns in biopharmaceuticals" presented at the Mass Spec 2017 Symposium in Boston, MA, Sept 19–22, 2017.