Lab head Christian Huber presented a tutorial lecture entitled Molecular Characterization of Biotherapeutic Proteins: Concepts and Challenges for Separation Science and Mass Spectrometry at the 47th International Symposium on High-Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques in Washington D.C. In spite of an early lecture on the first day of the Symposium, the event was quite well attended, reflecting broad interest of HPLC attendants for biopharmaceutical analysis.
Highlights of the Symposium were:
  • The chairman of the Symposium, Norman Dovichi, following the old tradition of opening the Symposium by ringing the old cowbell of the first Symposium in Interlaken (1973).
  • Chris Pohl from Thermo Fisher Scientific receiving the Uwe D. Neue Award in Separation Science sponsored by Waters Corporation.
  • Jonathan Bones from NIBRT talking about the separation of charge variants of biotherapeutics by pH-gradient cation-HPLC and characterization by mass spectrometry.
  • Christian Huber meeting Fred Regnier, one of his most prominent teachers in stationary phase chemistry and basics of DNA and protein chromatography and real pioneer of HPLC of biomolecules.
Next Symposium will be organized 2019 in Milano/Italy.
180802 hplc2018

In front of a demanding jury headed by the vice president of the Christian Doppler Society, the researchers presented the scientific progress in the Christian Doppler Laboratory. Students and postdocs were very well prepared, presented excellent talks, and gave a very positive impression to the evaluaters (see picture of Christof Regl "dancing" the structure of a monclonal antibody). Also our industry partners (Urs Lohrig from Novartis, Rowan Moore from Thermo Fisher Scientific) were communicating a very appreciative view of the collaboration. Feedback of the evaluators was positive, so we have hope for a continuation of the project for another two years.

180725 evaluation

Symposium of the doctoral college Immunity in Cancer and Allergy and the Doctoral School PLUS Biomolecules at the University of Salzburg. Christian Doppler Lab members Michael Kohlberger and Arthur Hinterholzer publicly presented their dissertation projects during the symposium: Identification of Aptamers for Host Cell Protein Detection (supervision: Fatima Ferreira-Briza und Gabriele Gadermaier) and Detection and quantification of post-translational modifications in biopharmaceuticals with NMR-Spectroscopy (supervision: Chiara Cabrele und Mario Schubert). Well done!

180703 symposium

Christof Regl's and Therese Wohlschlager's insights into the characterization of methionine oxidation in Rituximab by HPLC-MS have been collected in a Case Study entitled A Platform Method for Oxidation Monitoringin Monoclonal Antibodies and Fc-FusionProteins — A Biopharmaceutical Method Development Case Study, available from the Thermo Fisher Scientific website. Thanks Rowan Moore and Stacy Tremintin for the collaboration!

Therese Wohlschlager's publication Native mass spectrometry combined with enzymatic dissection unravels glycoform heterogeneity of biopharmaceuticals in Nature Communications has been recognized with the Publication of the Month Award of the Department of Biosciences. Open access article can be found here.

Again, pharma/biopharma was a hot topic at the 42nd ISCC in Riva del Garda. Using data elaborated by Christof Regl and Therese Wohlschlager, Christian Doppler Laboratory Head Christian Huber presented a critical check on the capabilities of chromatography and mass spectrometry with respect to revealing oxidation in biopharmaceuticals. Details will follow soon in a short article to be published in the LCGC Biopharmacuetical Perspectives Column.

180523 iscc

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Crystal structure of plant legumain reveals a unique two-chain state with pH-dependent activity regulation
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