Therese Wohlschlager's findings on the plurality of protein isoforms of Etanercept triggered Neil Kelleher's (Northwestern University) interest and resulted in an invitation to contribute to a large collaborative perspective article in Nature Chemical Biology dealing with the essential question "how many proteoforms are there?"
Nature Chemical Biology volume 14, pages 206–214 (2018)

P.I.s, PostDocs and PhD students of the bioanalytical labs of Salzburg, Kiel, and Strasbourg met for the first time in Strasbourg to discus and exchange methods of protein analytis and characterization mostly in the biopharma area.

180309 sks meeting 1

Our host, Sarah Cianferani, with our guest star, Alain Beck, in the back, who kindly joined the meeting via video conference, giving a very interesting overview about curent status of biopharmaceutical developemnt and analytical challenges involved. The group decided to hold the next meeting in March 2018 in Salzurg.

180309 sks meeting 2

Good ideas best grow on the basis of a nice and communicative dinner! Strasbourg is a great place to get inspired!

180309 sks meeting 3

Christian Huber presents recent work of Christof Regl and Therese Wohlschlager in the area of molecular characterization of Rituximab oxidation and Etanercept glycosylation at the well-attended Thermo Scientific Biopharma Summit: Shaping the future Together in Vienna on March 1st, 2018. Obviously, attendents were most interested in the details of mass spectrometric analysis of protein therapeutics by native mass spectrometry and the chromatographic separation of oxidozed Fc/2 fragments of IgG1 antibodies. For full program, see here.
Moreover, Veronika Reisinger from Sandoz GmbH, who also collaborates with the Christion Doppler Laborotory, presented her insights into host-cell protein analysis via HPLC-MS/MS.

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How many human proteoforms are there?
Nat. Chem. Biol. 14(3), 206–214 (2018)

Zauner F. B., Dall E., Regl C., Grassi L., Huber C. G., Cabrele C., Brandstetter H.
Crystal structure of plant legumain reveals a unique two-chain state with pH-dependent activity regulation
Plant Cell 2018-02-16 (Epub ahead of print)

Wolfgang Skala's manuscript entitled "MoFi – A software tool for annotating glycoprotein mass spectra by integrating hybrid data from the intact protein and glycopeptide level" was on-line published in Analytical Chemistry - congratulations! The preprint is available here.