Another award for Therese Wohlschlager: her poster entitled Dilute-and-Shoot Analysis of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Glycosylation from Fermentation Broth: A Method Capability Study wins an Enzo Shimadzu Best Poster Award at the 32nd International Symposium on Chromatography 2018 in Cannes.
Well deserved and Congratulations!
181001 poster award tw

Today, after rigorous evaluation, the Christian Doppler Society informed us about another 2-year extension for our CDL of Biosimilar Characterization.
See screenshot above of short excerpt from very positive evaluator's feedback. .... so true ...
180927 result evaluation

After four years of intense investigation and experimentation, Christof excellently defended his PhD today. Congratulations and all the best for a prosperous future, Herr Doktor!

180926 phd defense regl

Therese Wohlschlager's study into Etanercept glycosylation has been recognized with the Life Science Research Award 2018 sponsored by the Austrian Society of Molecular Liefe Sciences and Bioechnology and the Austrian Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs.

180918 life science award

Following a long tradition of educational events organized by the Austrian Society of Analytical Chemistry and hoping to well prepare the young generation of analytical scientists for challenges in pharmaceutical analysis, CD Lab-head Christian Huber presented basic principles of biopharma characterization methods by HPLC-MS at the Summer School "Chromatography and Hyphenation to Mass Spectrometry".

180918 seggau

In front of a demanding jury headed by the vice president of the Christian Doppler Society, the researchers presented the scientific progress in the Christian Doppler Laboratory. Students and postdocs were very well prepared, presented excellent talks, and gave a very positive impression to the evaluaters (see picture of Christof Regl "dancing" the structure of a monclonal antibody). Also our industry partners (Urs Lohrig from Novartis, Rowan Moore from Thermo Fisher Scientific) were communicating a very appreciative view of the collaboration. Feedback of the evaluators was positive, so we have hope for a continuation of the project for another two years.

180725 evaluation