Christof Regl's and Therese Wohlschlager's study into the performance characteristics of HPLC-MS for analyzing multiple attributes of therapeutic antibodies at the intact protein level was accepted for publication in mAbs. The study was initiated by Johann Holzmann and first experiments were performed quite some time ago by Iris Wagner and Martin Samonig.

Another opportunity to tell the story of antibody characterization by HPLC-MS methods. Remarkably, the organizer of the conference, Frantisek Foret, was honored with the Csaba Horváth Memorial Lectureship Award presented by the American Chemical Society (on the picture together with Andras Guttmann and Ference Darvas, President of the Awards Committee American Chemical Society Hungary Chapter). Congratulations!
The group picture (lower right) shows Csaba Horváth's group from 1996 in New Haven, when Frantisek was still associated with the Barnett Institute of Northeastern University in Boston, only 150 miles away from Csaba's labs at Yale University.
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In front of a demanding jury headed by the vice president of the Christian Doppler Society, the researchers presented the scientific progress in the Christian Doppler Laboratory. Students and postdocs were very well prepared, presented excellent talks, and gave a very positive impression to the evaluaters (see picture of Christof Regl "dancing" the structure of a monclonal antibody). Also our industry partners (Urs Lohrig from Novartis, Rowan Moore from Thermo Fisher Scientific) were communicating a very appreciative view of the collaboration. Feedback of the evaluators was positive, so we have hope for a continuation of the project for another two years.

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