Paper Publications


Regl C., Wohlschlager T., Holzmann J., Huber C. G.
A Generic HPLC Method for Absolute Quantification of Oxidation in Monoclonal Antibodies and Fc-Fusion Proteins Using UV and MS Detection
Anal. Chem. 89(16), 8391–8398 (2017)

Wildner S., Elsässer B., Stemeseder T., Briza P., Soh W. T., Villalba M., Lidholm J., Brandstetter H., Gadermaier G.
Endolysosomal Degradation of Allergenic Ole e 1-Like Proteins: Analysis of Proteolytic Cleavage Sites Revealing T Cell Epitope-Containing Peptides
Int. J. Mol. Sci. 18(8), E1780 (2017)

Stemeseder T., Freier R., Wildner S., Fuchs J. E., Briza P., Lang R., Batanero E., Lidholm J., Liedl K. R., Campo P., Hawranek T., Villalba M., Brandstetter H., Ferreira F., Gadermaier G.
Crystal structure of Pla l 1 reveals both structural similarity and allergenic divergence within the Ole e 1-like protein family
J Allergy Clin Immunol. 140(1), 277–280 (2017)

Grassi L., Regl C., Wildner S., Gadermaier G., Huber C. G., Cabrele C., Schubert M.
Complete NMR Assignment of Succinimide and Its Detection and Quantification in Peptides and Intact Proteins
Anal. Chem. 2017 Nov 7 (Epub ahead of print)


Participation in Conferences

Invited Talks

Huber C. G.
Wie „similar“ sind Biosimilars? Biosimilars aus der Sicht eines Chemikers
Fachkonferenz Biosimilars, Mauerbach (Austria), 22.–23.03.2017


Huber C. G.
Analytical Challenges in the Characterization of Therapeutic Proteins by Means of Chromatography and Mass spectrometry
Anakon Tübingen, 31.03.–05.04.2017

Wohlschlager T.
Native mass spectrometry for the revelation of highly complex glycosylation in biopharmaceuticals
HPLC 2017, Praha, 17.–22.06.2017

Poster Presentations

Wildner S.
Screening of single-stranded DNA aptamers against the monoclonal antibody Rituximab
Aptamers 2017, Oxford, 11.–12.04.2017

Wildner S.
Structural and immunological comparison of heat treated Pru p 3 and Art v 3, the non-specific lipid transfer proteins of peach and mugwort pollen
EAACI Annual Meeting 2017, Helsinki (Finland), 17.–21.06.2017

Organisation of Scientific Events

34th Winterschool on Proteinases and Inhibitors
Tiers (Italy), 08.–12.03.2017