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Regl C., Wohlschlager T., Esser-Skala W., Wagner I., Samonig M., Holzmann J., Huber C. G.
Dilute-and-shoot analysis of therapeutic monoclonal antibody variants in fermentation broth: a method capability study.
MAbs 11(3), 569–582 (2019)

Wildner S., Huber S., Regl C., Huber C.G., Lohrig U., Gadermaier G.
Aptamers as quality control tool for production, storage and biosimilarity of the anti-CD20 biopharmaceutical rituximab
Sci. Rep. 9(1), 1111 (2019)

Schweida D., Barraud P., Regl C., Loughlin F. E., Huber C. G., Cabrele C., Schubert M.
The NMR signature of gluconoylation: a frequent N-terminal modification of isotope-labeled proteins
J. Biomol. NMR 73(1–2), 71–79 (2019)

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